Parkinson’s Runners and Volunteers participate in first ever London Landmarks Half-Marathon



The first ever London Landmarks half-marathon took place in the Borough of Westminster on the 25th March 2018.

The event itself was initially organised by children’s charity, Tommy’s, who campaign to help improve childbirth safety. They planned the half-marathon after noticing that a central London event at this distance did not exist. The route was set up to take in the city’s history and culture and all the capital’s London Landmarks such as the London Eye, the Shard and the Tower of London.

Other charities became involved in the half-marathon so they could raise funds and public awareness. Amongst these other charities taking part was Parkinson’s UK. Statistics show that one adult in three hundred and fifty will be diagnosed with symptoms of Parkinson’s.  These symptoms include tremor, shaking, slow rigid movements and muscle stiffness.

The people Persist interviewed in this video are all aware of the condition and either have a family member who has been affected by it or they have met people with it.  Thus they were inspired to help raise money in some way.  The video also shows how events such as these are so worthwhile in drawing people’s attention to the severity of this condition as well as how many are affected by it.

The style of the video is a promo video highlighting this along with what they enjoyed about the event, what the route was like and whether they would take part in events like this in the future.

For anyone who is interested in taking part or raising money for this worthwhile charity you can follow the link below, which shows various events, which they are participating in throughout this year.





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