Behind the Cover: The Divorce Diary

divorce diary cover pic.png

The Divorce Diary is designed to be a periodical publication intended to empower women who have recently divorced or who are thinking of divorcing. The cover was inspired by women’s and business magazines.

Winona Marie Claire

I wanted to incorporate the elements of a glossy, starting with a strong cover story featuring media mogul Arianna Huffington on how her own divorce boosted her career. She is pictured in a decisive, forward-looking and optimistic pose, her silhouette surrounded by the Manhattan skyline. Other typical glossy items can be found in the headlines: “The Jennifer Garner Method”, which combines the appeal of a celebrity name with the lessons learned from a divorce; and the Close Up section, which includes an in-depth human-interest feature on a controversial issue : what is an Amish woman to do when she decides she no longer wants to stay with her husband? Glossies typically mix light-hearted content with longform news reporting, and I wanted to deliver the same wide range of articles. The headlines are designed to be eye-catchy, sometimes showing humour and sympathy. I decided to write just a few of them to avoid overcrowding the cover, a strategy adopted by editors in order to make covers stand out in the fully stocked shelves of newsstands.

vogue italia cover

The “Official Summer Guide to the Best Solicitors in the UK” is inspired by the special supplements often included in magazines during periods such as summer, Christmas or the new year. It is designed to deliver the sense of both rich and useful content.

circle cover .jpg

The palette I chose features different shades of blue that suit the cover star’s outfit and the setting of the picture. Inspiration came also from business magazines such as Fast Company and Inc., as my publication particularly focuses on women who have to strike a balance between personal life (divorce) and their career.

fast company cover

Finally, the title itself, The Divorce Diary, aims to convey the atmosphere of a personal, confidential space where readers can open up about the delicate issues that come with splitting up with a partner. 

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