Lush’s Solution for a Goodnight’s Sleep: Sleepy Body Lotion Review

Every student knows the importance of getting some decent shut eye, and here at Persist we can get pretty creative with it. Whether you snooze in your lectures, sleep in ‘til noon or take the occasional cat nap, sleep does wonders for your mind and soul. In fact, not getting enough z’s has been proven to reduce your social interaction, weaken your immune system and decrease your levels of concentration and productivity.

For some of us, getting a decent 40 winks can be a little bit stressful. However, insomniacs everywhere have been raving about Lush’s ‘Sleepy’ lotion – and for good reason. The vegan brand has sold out of this potion twice, and it’s quickly become a cult favourite. But what is it that makes this product so special? As dedicated Lush fans, we decided to give it a whirl.

First impressions? The moisturiser smells divine. Just the scent alone of gentle oatmeal infusion, calming lavender flower and comfortingly sweet tonka absolute is enough to send one into a deep beauty sleep. The lotion itself has a thick and luxurious consistency, far superior to the £13.95 price tag. A lot of sleep enthusiasts have incorporated this purple potion into their bedtime routine, however you may prefer to rub it into your wrists and temples for a subtler effect. As soon as the lotion hits your senses, you’ll immediately feel your stresses melt away and fall into a pretty undisturbed sleep.

Not only does the lotion scent immediately take effect on your psyche, the luxurious texture and pre-pamper before bed forces you to slow down and enjoy the experience. Far too often, we force so many activities and deadlines into our day, forgetting to take a moment to switch off the pressure. Each recyclable pot states that it’ll help you ‘drift off into slumber with sweet, lavender-scented skin’ and Lush weren’t kidding with the sentiment. Whether it’s for yourself, or as a Christmas present for someone you love, make sure you snap up yours ASAP.

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