Rihanna’s 7 Most Fabulous Fashion Moments

She is the queen of a fashion statement. Her style is so diverse that one day she will be wearing a ladylike frill baby-pink dress, and the next she will be wearing a ‘bomb’ tracksuit. At Persist we believe that Rihanna is a true fashion inspiration. RiRi loves to push the boundaries and play with her clothes – something we all aspire to do. Her message is that you don’t have to dress like every Tom, Dick, and Harry, but to have fun with your clothes, and use them as an expression of your personality. Oh, and make sure you adopt her #nophucks given attitude as your new accessory.


Here are 7 of her most lit looks to get you inspired:

1. Steal your other half’s sports sweater, throw your hair in a bun, grab your white trainers and don them with some white socks. Comfortable AND sexy.


2. We think we just died and went to heaven. So many things that are right with this outfit. Lime 80s jacket – check. Sexy tights – check. Minimalist strappy heels – check. Cute baseball cap – check. Rihanna, we bow down.

. hbz-rihanna-0817-splash.jpg

3. This is pure solid gold. Elegant, understated. We particularly love the mixture of a tied plain top with an extravagant skirt.


4. Oh so easy to replicate, but still such a daring look. Cobalt blue is so dope right now.


5. This is the kind of outfit you would want to wear to a cocktail party. On a yacht. In Cannes. (Or when you are lounging around your bedroom drinking a bottle of £6 prosecco from Tesco listening to jazz).


6. RiRi shows us that she too can look like she is about to meet her girlfriends at Pizza Express and still look freaking fabulous.


7. *Hyperventilates at the beauty of this look*. She honestly looks like a painting. If this doesn’t inspire you to go back to 2004 and wear fake flowers in your hair you are not human.


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