7 Beauty Gurus of colour to subscribe to now

YouTubers have changed the game when it comes to modern beauty and fashion culture. Thanks to the internet, it’s become easier find specific makeup tutorials, product recommendations and unique fashion ideas. YouTube has also generated a large community of ‘media influencers’ from all walks of life. Anyone can now upload content and share their thoughts. When I say anyone, I do mean ANYONE – especially the ladies and gents of colour. With YouTubers taking the beauty industry by storm, they’re not only bringing the digital world to makeup counters – they are bringing the importance of diversity along with them. We are no longer deprived of seeing that one token person of colour in beauty ad campaigns anymore. We now have an entire community of Beauty media moguls- and you know they’re not going anywhere.

Here are just a few beauty YouTubers of colour to subscribe to now!

1. Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina isn’t afraid to tell the truth when it comes to product reviews. She’s funny, she’s ballsy – she’s the girl everyone wants as their best friend. Her videos range from honest reviews to genius makeup tips.

2. PatrickStarrr

Our gent of colour, PatrickStarrr is a cuddly and lovable teddy bear who will put your makeup skills to shame. He’s already attracted the likes of Kim Kardashian – who has appeared in one of his videos recently.


3. Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty has been a prominent guru for the past several years, mostly due to her instagram-able makeup looks. Her new cosmetics line has everyone talking – so much so that she’s just released her line in Selfridges, and her signature liquid lipsticks have already sold out.

4. Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang has become one of the most important makeup vloggers in recent years. most videos see her try on the darkest foundation shade in the range and provide an honest review. While it’s a straightforward concept, she’s already starting to climb the popularity ladder.

5. Michelle Phan

If you haven’t heard of Michelle Phan: 1) How dare you 2) You need to know that she is reason a beauty culture actually exists in social media. She’s one of the OG beauty gurus who started to capitalise on her YouTube success. While she’s currently taking break from social to work on her own cosmetic line, her videos are still some of the most creative out there.

6. Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright isn’t afraid to share her thoughts and opinions. Her personality shines through the same screen, making each of her makeup videos fun to watch. Not only are her videos a joy to watch, her storytime videos show how open she is with viewers and how unafraid she is of what she posts. Fun fact – Patricia used to run a salon in her own living room to pay her tuition fees for uni.

7. Claire Marshall

Claire Marshall was one of the many professional makeup artists who made her way onto YouTube with her handy makeup tutorials and effortlessly cool lookbooks. She was also one of the first to adopt a ‘minimalist’ style in her videos which has now become a huge trend for makeup vloggers. Not only is she a skilled makeup artist, she’s the badass girl you secretly wish you were.


Thankfully, they’re not the only ones out there killing the game. If you know anyone other YouTubers of colour who deserve recognition, leave a comment!

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