How to not be late once and for all

Studies say that if you are the kind of person that is ALWAYS late – be it a lunch date with your buddy or that VERY IMPORTANT MORNING LECTURE THAT YOU CANNOT BE LATE FOR AT ALL COSTS – then you are a probably an optimistic human being.

Being optimistic may be a wonderful personality trait that you plaster all over your CV/job application forms. However lateness and lack of punctuality? Far more damaging to your job prospects. We have all experienced the negative repercussions of being late such as falling out with friends, family or co-workers because they believe that you are unorganised and unfocused.

But for those who are constantly late (i.e. quite a few of us), Scientist Tim Urban classifies us as a ‘Chronically Late Insane Persons’ or known as ‘CLIPS’. Eek! Read his article here and have a good LOL at the stick-men drawings that PERFECTLY depict our minds when we need to be somewhere for a certain time.

At Persist. we aim to help and guide you through your daily struggles. If you are a recovering ‘CLIP’ read the below starters to help you live a smoother life. Oh, and watch as your heart rate, anxiety and crow’s feet reduce:

1. Plan your day in a diary the day before


I have tried putting everything in my phone that needs to be done for the next day, but there is something satisfying about treating yourself to a nice diary and writing down your meetings and commitments for tomorrow. Leave the diary open on your desk until you leave in the morning. Then you’ll be able to visually see what needs to be done and where you need to be.

2. Prepare your breakfast and lunch the night before


Trust us. Your day will flow much more easily if you have a delicious breakfast and lunch prepared and ready to go. Maybe leave dinner, as sometimes too much preparation can make life a little dull.

3. Get up one hour earlier than normal


We know this sounds absolutely terrible and it will take some getting used to. Not only will this allow you to get ready without running around like a headless chicken, you can actually fill your morning with a relaxing routine that will make you feel like you can conquer anything. We recommend ten minutes meditation, fifteen minutes yoga/stretching and fifteen minutes drinking your morning cup of coffee while thinking about the day ahead of you.

4. Leave thirty minutes earlier


If you are relying on public transport or your own car to get you from A to B, leave thirty minutes earlier. Not only will this allow you to walk/drive at a gentle speed, it will mean that you can treat yourself to a coffee on your way and account for any delays in your journey. Use CityMapper – it is a life saviour.

5. Don’t get distracted


It is all too easy to finish that last email, adjust your hair one more time, check Instagram for the ten millionth time. However if you just-get-going-when-you-need-to, you will magically arrive on time.

We hope you look forward to a de-stressed and organised life. Just watch how you will become more successful in your work, career and relationships as you engage in these positive daily habits.

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