Top 6 Lush Products

If you are struggling to find the balance between being a frugal student and an eco-friendly global citizen, you will probably find that entering Boots will create a lengthy internal battle. Do you just go for the cheapest product that most likely has been tested on animals, or do you buy the more expensive, eco/animal friendly option?’

Relax, brothers and persisters. YOU can be animal friendly AND use more affordable beauty products. Here at Persist. we have kindly found the top six products at LUSH, all for under £10, that will leave you smelling and looking B-E-A-utiful.

1. ‘Cosmetic Warrior’ Fresh Face Mask – £7.50

Our Persist. Arts & Entertainments editor Charlotte swears by this product because “it cleared up all the acne-prone skin of my teenage years”. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, lie back and relax then wash off and revel in your fresh, supple skin.

2. ‘Twilight’ Naked Shower Gel – £9.75

Health & Fitness Editor, Alice, uses this product daily because of its magical blend of tonka, lavender, vanilla and ylang ylang. And also because it is packaging-free – treat for the planet and your conscience! At the end of a long day of lectures, socialising and spending far too many hours on social media, this naked shower gel will help ease stress, leaving your mind, body and soul restored.

3. ‘Goth Fairy’ Massage Bar– £5.95

The perfect product for when you need a bit of shimmer in your life, with the bonus of making you smell like a blackberry. This massage bar melts into your skin leaving it soft and glowing. Smother over your body before a night out and watch as everyone marvels at your radiance.

4. ‘Black Rose’ Lip Tint – £6.50

A black lip tint? Surely a recipe for a disaster we hear you cry! Fear not, this dangerous-looking lip tint will stain your lips a luscious magenta colour that lasts for hours while moisturising with jojoba and Kalahari melon oils. Many lip stains are not animal-friendly, so this vegan lip tint gets a Persist stamp of approval.

5. ‘Cup O’Coffee’ Face Mask – £7.25

Okay admit it, you were supposed to stay in and work on your assignment last night but instead were convinced ever-so-easily to drink three bottles of wine with your friends and complain about how much work you have. If you have a sore head in the morning, set aside fifteen minutes and scrub this into your face, stimulating your mind and body with the rich aroma of coffee, roasted cocoa, vetivert and coriander oil.

6. ‘Dirty’ Styling Cream – £7.95 / 100g

For all our brothers out there, if you are attempting to look like Johnny Bravo/Elvis Presley/Tom Hardy, this styling cream will sort you out. With the scent of sandalwood, pine and a touch of saltiness, it will leave your hair set in place but still looking luscious and natural. You only need a 5p amount at a time, so it will last an eternity. Watch out for your girlfriend trying to get her hands on it too!

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