A journey to find foundation shades that actually cater to all skin tones, even those in between shades.

Anyone who doesn’t fall on the ‘traditional’ makeup skin tone spectrum knows the struggle of finding the perfect foundation shade. As someone who is a ‘lighter’ woman of colour, I spent most of my teen years in Boots trying to find a close enough match. For those who are darker, more olive, more yellow, more redder, and maybe even too pale, you’ll know that finding the perfect foundation shade can be just as satisfying as finding the love of your life. In all honesty, the foundation is probably more gratifying. When you consider budget, skin types, coverage and finish, it’s good to have options.  Although many make-up brands have yet to understand the need for more inclusive shades, at least there are some who are doing us a service in creating a wider range of colours.

Here are just a few of my personal favourites:

Fenty Beauty

For everyone in the makeup world, I think we can all agree that Rihanna changed the game for makeup inclusivity this year. The shades range from the palest tone to the darkest and doesn’t leave out anyone in between out. YouTubers of colour, particularly from the Black Beauty community have raved about the shade range and beautiful coverage. Almost a month of releasing her makeup line in the UK, people have been queueing up outside Harvey Nichols for at least an hour just to get their hands on this gold mine.  Plus Fenty is also cruelty-free!

Bobbi Brown

There’s a reason why Bobbi Brown performs well in most Asian countries. As a half-Asian with Asian family members and Asian friends, Bobbi Brown was our Holy Grail makeup brand. For Asian women, who would normally fall in between shades know full well how much of an issue it is getting the right foundation. We also know how vital it is to find the perfect undertone as it could save us from either looking too ashy or too orange. Bobbi Brown’s mission was to create a base to help “every woman look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.” Thankfully, she kept a lot of us in mind when creating the right shades.


As far as drugstore products go, L’Oreal stands out as one of the few mainstream makeup brands that has a wide range of shades for foundation. This is all thanks to their True Match Collection that had beauties such as Beyoncè, JLo and Frida Pinto as their ambassadors. The collection still remains their best-selling product. Since it’s release, True Match has expanded its brand to other foundation products – including their most recent foundation *


Starting off as a small makeup range for professional makeup artists in Toronto, Canada, MAC catapulted into the beauty scene in the 1990s as arguably one of the first makeup brands that catered to a wider range of skin tones. Today, it sells at least 46 different shades and can be found in almost every department store worldwide.

Like finding that perfect partner, it takes a lot of time. You may have to search through some not-so-great brands, and even find yourself settling for something that you know you can do better with. It takes persistence to find that right foundation, it’s no secret that certain brands don’t make it easy for us. When you do find it, be sure to hold onto it tight! Stay beautiful 🙂


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